How Addiction Warps Us

A Walk on the Wild Side

Silver-Linings-Playbook-Image-03 From the film “Silver Lining Playbook” about mental illness

He was already high when I picked him up from the bus station to bring him home.

I’d hoped after a month in jail he’d be clean and sober and ready to make a fresh start on the road to recovery. That’s why we were letting him stay with us. He had nowhere else to go, and we wanted him to be safe until we could get him into rehab.

But it was already too late for safe, for clean, for a fresh start.

I could have refused to bring him home, of course. I could have left him at the bus stop. But I didn’t. I had my suspicions, but I wasn’t absolutely certain he was high.

I was sure a couple of days later though when, after I refused to give him a ride into town, he disappeared in…

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Half-Marathon; Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love My Body

The Z-Axis

I’ve never told anyone these things. My parents, my sister, my friends – no one. So heads up. You’re the first to know.

For the last few years, I have grown, slowly but steadily, to despise the way my body looks.

When I was a kid, I was always told how skinny I was. I didn’t break fifty pounds until I was eight years old. In high school I was always the smallest – height and weight – of my friends. I grew up knowing, somehow, intuitively, that ‘being skinny’ was something good, that it was something I should maintain. In high school, that belief was confirmed and reinforced by magazines, friends who were constantly ‘dieting’, and my school’s insistence on athletic rigor and social ostracism of students who didn’t fit the body ideal. But I was always warned that, as a woman, ‘my time would come’, I would have kids…

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Rangkaian Nama Bayi Perempuan

Dewiyani's Weblog

Bermula dari kesibukan saya mencari nama untuk calon buah hati kami, tanpa terasa terkumpullah puluhan nama bayi perempuan dan laki-laki didalam harddisk komputer saya. Bagaimana tidak… bila setiap hari kerjaan saya hanya online di internet browsing nama-nama bayi. Bila ada yang bagus dan menarik hati langsung di copas (untunglah saya punya boss yg sangat pengertian, nggak marah meskipun karyawannya yg satu ini tiap hari hanya browsing nama bayi terus).

Semakin mendekati waktu kelahiran, kebutuhan menemukan nama bayi yg tepatpun semakin menggila. Semua website dan forum yg mengandung kata kunci baby names atau nama bayi disambangi. Hingga akhirnya kita bingung sendiri mau menentukan pilihan karena begitu banyaknya nama bayi yang enak dilafalkan, indah dilihat dan memiliki kedalaman makna.

Pada akhirnya kami berhasil menemukan sebuah nama untuk calon putri kecil kami yg cantik. Nama yang sederhana dan indah, yg berbeda, yg lain daripada yg lain (bukankah semua orangtua akan beranggapan bahwa nama…

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10 Design Blog Wordpress Terbaik,,,,,

Anasmapalasta's Blog

Salah satu faktor yang menyebabkan sebuah blog menjadi terkenal adalah faktor design. Suatu blog dengan design yang bagus, rapi dan unik tentunya akan memberikan kesan yang tidak mudah untuk dilupakan, sehingga seorang pembaca blog tersebut akan betah untuk berlama-lama memandangi blog tersebut.

Berikut ini saya mencoba untuk mengumpulkan 10 blog yang menggunakan cms wordpress dengan design yang ok, dan inilah nominasinya :











Bagaimana ? Mungkin ada yang ingin menambahkan ?

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Portfolios on

The Blog

Creating a beautiful portfolio just got much easier: we’re delighted to introduce you to the new Portfolio Content Type.

Portfolio Content Type


Once enabled on your site, your dashboard gains a brand new “Portfolio” section, where you’ll be able to manage all your portfolio projects in one place, separate from your posts and pages. You can categorize and tag your projects in a way that doesn’t overlap with your blog posts. Better yet, you won’t lose your projects and won’t need to reorganize your content everytime you switch themes. And best of all, the feature is free.

Starting a portfolio is as easy as checking an option in your dashboard. We’ve got a step by step guide with all the details for you.

But wait! Before you rush off to populate all of your portfolio projects and share them with the world, we have one more announcement that will really make your visual Portfolio shine… two new free…

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How to Look Beautiful, Dead or Alive

Majority of excuses are deliberate attempts to keep success far away

Life in the Boomer Lane


Throw out every single beauty product you haveJill Kargman, the daughter of the former chairman of Chanel (BIG money, access to all of the best beauty secrets on the planet) has revealed in the New York Times every single beauty procedure and beauty product she uses.  Let’s skip over the fact that Jill doesn’t allow the sun to touch any part of her face or body. As she attests, her goal is to look like a corpse.

Let’s also skip over the fact that Jill starts her day at 5:30 at the gym. She takes a 6AM SoulCycle class.  SoulCycle is named that because it goes so fast that it rips the soul out of your body and sends it spinning into oblivion. Plus you lose about 30 lbs every time you do it.

(Note to readers: At approximately the same time that Jill is…

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